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Falastinia Unembellished Thobe Dress

Falastinia Unembellished Thobe Dress

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We have a platform and ability to stand with Palestine in a way of letting our community represent the culture and traditions of our balad. Made from the people of Palestine living in Jordan, we are bringing traditional Palestinian thobes local to you.

We spend the month of Ramadan and days of Eid as the previous months, deeply hurting and praying for our beloved Palestine. ‘We may not live in Palestine, but Palestine lives in us’.

They are trying to erase Palestine, but we will continue to talk, represent, support, and fight for our country at heart.

ALL profits will be donated to Palestine.

Size guide:

1 - XS/S

2 - M

3 - L

4 - XL/ XXL


Around 150 cm 
(alternates based on height & belt)

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Palestinian thobes 

are by width, and are the same sizes as standard clothing you purchase from local shopping stores.

1 - xsmall/ small

2- medium

3- large

4- X-Large

The thobes are not by height (not 54, 56, 58) only by size. To easily find out what your size is, please have a look at tops/ dresses purchased from other stores and whether they are xs, s, m, l, or xl.

Unfortunately we do not offer tailoring, and all thobes are 150 cm long.

Customer Reviews

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Its a beatiful thobe, very detailed, doesnt have a lining on the inside so you can feel the tatreez. Has some loose strings, and can see through it in certain lights but its very pretty.