About Cloaks On You

I'm thankful enough to have travelled the city of Dubai, UAE, as it's what inspired this brand. Although I was already in love with the khaleeji culture, and wanted to experience the lifestyle myself, I was moved when it became reality. I can’t explain how fulfilling and beautiful it is to be walking amongst women who are dressed so elegantly modest. 

We’re all on our own beautiful pathways and one of the goals through mine was and is moving towards dressing similarly to our roots, middle east, and overall more modestly. The thought that so many women like myself were experiencing this as well in Australia, truly inspired me when shopping for abayas. 

It only took a few shopping trips to decide I wanted to make this somehow work, no matter the crafting and shipping costs. The few months before launch were spent researching, travelling, meeting with tailors and fabric manufacturers, and creating abaya samples I think (and hope) our amazing community will adore. 

I aspire to choose high quality fabrics with unique embellishments to add elegance to everyday abayas. The collections will feature inclusive sets, open & closed abayas all hand made in UAE.

Cloaks On You